Random Cam Story:

I went to the lobby to wait for Shane’s arrival. She mentioned that she will arrive in 20 minutes. Smoked a cigarette while waiting. She entered the hotel and I could recognize her easily as she does not look that different from cam. I can see she is feeling a little bit awkward when shaking my hand. She kept telling me this is the first time she is meeting a member from a sex cam site. I tried to joke a little bit to light things up. After all the small talks, I suggested that we go for dinner and is there any cool place to eat. We went to a Middle Eastern joint and ordered some shawarma with lamb and chicken. While waiting for dinner we chatted about her work and school ( she is studying to be a nurse ). She kept on mentioning that this is the first time she is meeting someone from the cam site and bla bla bla. She then told me a story how she had a regular member who has peculiar requests like asking her to step on soft toys. All she did was just stepping on the soft toys and the guy would feel excited. I guess everyone have their fetishes. Then another member only likes to see her nipples. For like 10 minutes, she would just need to zoom the camera on to her nipples. So based on all these experiences, she made up her mind of not meeting any members from the live chat site. Then I asked her why she decided to meet me. She just replied that I seem normal and a pretty nice guy. Then I told her at least I pretend to be…hahahahaha. She just gave me a semi angry stare that looks really cute. I guess she was trying to be funny too. So before the food arrives, we do not feel the tension anymore.

After dinner she suggested that we go bar hopping. Well, in Angelse City bar hopping means Go Go Bars. I never went to a strip club with a girl before but since I see she is pretty cool about it, I agreed. While in the clubs we drank beers – San Miguel Light. We kept comparing which girl is prettier and who can really work as a camgirl instead of a bargirl. It was pretty cool hanging out with a girl in a Go Go Bar with scantily clad Filipina Bargirls dancing on stage. At one club, I saw a really cute bargirl and Shane noticed it. She casually tells me that I can actually take her to my hotel and do whatever I want. I was shocked to hear that coming from her mouth but I played it cool. I swore if Shane was not with me, I would have done that. I just said is not my style to do this ( yeah right ). My intention of coming her is just to meet her and hang out. After a few more beers, I got a little bored as the routine is the same, bargirls dancing on the stage and I’m not in the position to chat them up. So I told to Shane that the music is kinda loud and lets go back to my room and hang out there instead ( you guys know what I’m trying to do here ). I was prepared that she would decline but I was still hoping. It didn’t take long for her to agree and we pay our bills and left the bar. Mission number one completed…..going back to my room.

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